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Eco-Yogi Project

#ecoyogiproject is a collaboration between Indigo Blue Hive, local yoga and healing arts teachers, yoga studios and the Eco-community. Our yoga teachers and studios have been negatively affected with the current pandemic, so I wondered - How can we as an Environmental Eco-community lift up the teachers and places we go to for our own health, wellness and retreat? There are so many great teachers and yogis with amazing insight and help with helping us work with climate change anxiety, Eco-anxiety, environmental depression, I again wondered - What magic and beauty do these teachers have to help me address the stress and sadness I see in the world some days? Each teacher has different knowledge and skills to navigate the seasons, share Ayurveda recipes, honor the Earth, and find healing in nature. The Lincoln community could use this as a resource of wellness and community connection, and it would be ideal to offer the Zoom event to be free to the participants. But, we must pay our yoga and healing community for the gifts and services they provide and support them and thier businesses and families SO - I am looking for both the local teachers and studios who have gifts to share with our community to help address the stress we are feeling in so many ways to reach out to me and get involved with this Eco-yogi Project. I am also seeking Eco-minded businesses, groups or nonprofits to reach out and connect with me to sponsor ($25) a virtual yoga event with a paired up teacher/studio. All proceeds of sponsorship go to the teacher and/or studio. I assist as an organizer and co-host, helping promote and support all Eco-Yogi Project events.

Like this website, this Eco-Yogi Project began with an intention to raise the vibration. Who can see the vision in the Eco-Yogi Project with me? Please email me at to get involved!

The FIRST event is Sat. January 23rd at 1:30pm with Maggie Pleskac of and Conservation Nebraska! Follow this link to get to the Zoom!

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