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So much more than Yoga - Milkweed Yoga and Apothecary

There is a gem in our historic Havelock district in Northeast Lincoln. Nestled in an old brick building is a spacious studio that offers so much more than yoga. There is an exceptional teacher in Lincoln who's energy is like sunshine and is an inspirational woman in our community. Maggie Pleskac is a yogi, teacher, mother, and one of the biggest supporters around our local food scene. Her years of dedication to Lincoln's wellness through food, movement, meditation and offering safe spaces has been vital to those she connects to, including me.

Maggie's delicious seasonal soups, teas and apothecary items can be found on her website, at Open Harvest COOP, Bella Spa, and other local shops too. You can find her around Lincoln's local farmers markets, Hub Café events, community yoga events, and at her studio. Maggie's approach to teaching yoga allows you to feel regardless of your level of practice that you and your practice are safe, sacred, and important. Your body feels nourished and strong as you allow her wisdom to guide you. Lincoln is so lucky to have a beautiful gem of a human leading the way for what loving and supporting your community looks like.

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