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Environmental Crisis in Nebraska happening NOW - A call to Action for Mead NE!

What is happening, and has been going on for years in Mead Nebraska is an absolute crisis. We need people to become aware of this issue and raise a voice, make a call, write a letter or email, and do anything you can to help the people of Mead and help be the change WE all need. Thank you to the local leaders and Eco-groups working hard on what is happening to the people, land, water, animals and will be an Environmental disaster for many more years to come, for generations to be affected by. This recent meeting is a great resource of information. Also follow updates with the Nebraska Sierra Club at

Scientists are investigating the contamination of water, soil, and air caused by a closed ethanol plant that is being sued by the State of Nebraska. Follow this link for info from UNMC College of Public Health.

These articles are a good resource as well.

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