Together we raise the vibration, heal ourselves, and Mother Earth. 

Mission & Inspiration


My intention with this website is to: support our Regenerative farmers, local businesses and Non-profits; promote Eco/green events; collaborate with Social Justice and Climate Change action groups; connect people with yoga and other healing related movements, events, festivals, workshops. Together we will build a healthy future and fight for good causes without hurting others, or the planet. Indigo Blue Hive is a hub for environmentally friendly people to find solidarity and support each other. We are creating a space for people to connect, collaborate, and leave the planet a better place for future generations. Tree-huggers, Indigos, Rainbow-Warriors, Nature-Lovers, this is your JAM!

The words below are quoted from Mother Tongue Ink's 2018 calendar WeMoon and the awakening words were a huge inspiration as my dream for this website unfolded.

"Transforming our relationship to our earthly resources, our money, our bodies, we are bringing sunlight into our souls to energize our search for a dream, to find people who share our dreams, and walk them to the tops of the mountains in the year ahead. The Revolutionary Heart reminds us that the truth in our power lives in connection and collaboration. 

The 3 components of the shift we are making to a life-sustaining culture:

Holding Actions, Innovative Structures and Shifts of Consciousness.

Stewardship, Sustainability, and Innovation - As you shift how you see yourself in the world, you change yourself and the world. Rise Up Revolutionary Hearts."

I am so grateful for the women of WeMoon, Joanna Macy, Louise Hay, Don Miguel Ruiz, and all teachers who have forged trails, inspired, and blazed paths to light the way. 


Melissa Baker

Lincoln, Nebraska

Dreamer, Eco-Artist, Yoga Instructor